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Save $33.00
jr130 snow gold dressjr130 snow gold dress
Jerrys JR130 Snow Gold Dress
Sale price$186.98 Regular price$219.98
Save $46.50
jr48 spray of sapphires dressjr48 spray of sapphires dress
Jerrys JR48 Spray of Sapphires Dress
Sale priceFrom $263.48 Regular price$309.98
Save $33.00
jr32 saxony blues dressjr32 saxony blues dress
Jerrys JR32 Saxony Blues Dress
Sale priceFrom $186.98 Regular price$219.98
Save $37.50
jr27 crystal fanfare dressjr27 crystal fanfare dress
Jerrys JR27 Crystal Fanfare Dress
Sale price$212.48 Regular price$249.98
Save $39.00
jr21 white zinfandel dressjr21 white zinfandel dress
Jerrys JR21 White Zinfandel Dress
Sale priceFrom $220.98 Regular price$259.98
Save $30.00
jr12 vignette dress navy bluejr12 vignette dress navy blue
Jerrys JR12 Vignette Dress Navy Blue
Sale priceFrom $169.98 Regular price$199.98
Save $24.00
jr179 shimmer dress soft irisjr179 shimmer dress soft iris
Jerrys JR179 Shimmer Dress Soft Iris
Sale priceFrom $135.98 Regular price$159.98
Save $31.50
jr170 crystal critters dress kitty on deep pink
Jerrys JR170 Crystal Critters Dress Kitty on Deep Pink
Sale priceFrom $178.48 Regular price$209.98
Save $31.50
jr170 crystal critters dress bunny on purple
Jerrys JR170 Crystal Critters Dress Bunny on Purple
Sale priceFrom $178.48 Regular price$209.98
Save $36.75
jr163 juliette dressjr163 juliette dress
Jerrys JR163 Juliette Dress
Sale price$208.23 Regular price$244.98
Save $36.00
jr154 crystal kisses dress navy
Jerrys JR154 Crystal Kisses Dress Navy
Sale priceFrom $203.98 Regular price$239.98
Save $30.00
jr149 fuchsia fire dressjr149 fuchsia fire dress
Jerrys JR149 Fuchsia Fire Dress
Sale priceFrom $169.98 Regular price$199.98
Save $33.75
jr139 ballet slipper dressjr139 ballet slipper dress
Jerrys JR139 Ballet Slipper Dress
Sale price$191.23 Regular price$224.98
Save $31.50
jr107 montpellier dance dressjr107 montpellier dance dress
Jerrys JR107 Montpellier Dance Dress
Sale priceFrom $178.48 Regular price$209.98
Save $34.50
jr58 lace vivace dress jet blackjr58 lace vivace dress jet black
Jerrys JR58 Lace Vivace Dress Jet Black
Sale priceFrom $195.48 Regular price$229.98
Save $36.00
jr52 icicle rose dressjr52 icicle rose dress
Jerrys JR52 Icicle Rose Dress
Sale price$203.98 Regular price$239.98
Save $32.25
jr42 chesterton dress deep purplejr42 chesterton dress deep purple
Jerrys JR42 Chesterton Dress Deep Purple
Sale priceFrom $182.73 Regular price$214.98
Save $33.00
jr28 swirletta dress black redjr28 swirletta dress black red
Jerrys JR28 Swirletta Dress Black/Red
Sale priceFrom $186.98 Regular price$219.98

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Mix and match MONDOR's popular Polartec jackets & pants to create your own unique practice skate outfits.

We also carry figure skate pants with waist pockets, adorned with intricate crystal designs for a more bedazzling effect on the ice.

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