Discover the artistry of ice skating with Cyclone Taylor Figure Skating, Vancouver BC Canada's leading source for top-tier professional figure skates, ice skates and figure skate sharpening/maintenance services. Whether you're carving figures at the rink in Vancouver British Columbia, in Toronto's super rink or gliding through Montreal, our collection is curated to meet the needs of figure skaters across Canada and around the world since 1957.

Chorus Edea Figure Skates
Inline Figure Skates
Figure Skate Custom Made Dresses for girls and adults
Figure Skate Rockerz

Popular MONDOR Polartec Outfits

Mix and match MONDOR's popular Polartec/Polarflex jackets & pants to create your own unique practice skate outfits.

We also carry figure skate pants with waist pockets, adorned with intricate crystal designs for a more bedazzling effect on the ice.

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Solitaire Figure Skate Dresses

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Inline roller figure skate blades

Inline Skate Frames for Kids & Adults

Aircraft grade aluminum for lightweight strength (same as Matrix Figure Chassis!) Gunmetal finish and large structural cutaways reduce weight even further with an 8’ rocker (like figure blades). Inline skate rockers have the same plate profile as a figure skate blade, for easy mounting to figure skate boots. Adjustable toe stop for different lift angles. Have us chang'em back to your blades anytime on your skating shoes.

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Figure Skates

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Experience the Cyclone Taylor Figure Skating Advantage
• Expertly Selected Brands: Featuring Jackson, Edea, Riedell, and Risport—the names that define excellence in figure skating.
• Vancouver's Finest: From the heart of Vancouver, we bring a touch of elegance and precision to every corner of Canada.
• For Every Skater: Catering to both adults and kids, our skates are designed to support your journey from the first step to the center stage including brands like: Jackson, Edea, Riedell, and Risport.
• Figure Skates Canada: A term synonymous with our commitment to providing Canadians with skates that blend performance and style.
• Figure Skates Vancouver: Reflecting our proud heritage and dedication to the local community of skaters.

Join the ranks of champions and enthusiasts who choose Cyclone Taylor Figure Skating for their figure skating needs. Visit us today in Vancouver BC Canada and step into a world where every stride is a statement of passion and precision.