Your performance is our priority at Cyclone Taylor Figure Skating. Our team of seasoned technicians specializes in the meticulous care of figure skates, ensuring each pair receives the attention to detail it deserves.

Figure Skate Repairs - Vancouver BC


Our Expertise Includes:
• Advanced Blade Sharpening: Utilizing state-of-the-art technology for optimal edge precision.
• Comprehensive Boot Restoration: Addressing structural and aesthetic concerns with unparalleled craftsmanship.
• Personalized Skate Fitting: Tailored adjustments for maximum comfort and support.
• High-Quality Component Replacement: Selection of premium laces, hooks, and buckles for enduring performance.

Why Entrust Your Skates to Cyclone Taylor Figure Skating?
• Efficient Service: Minimized downtime with our prompt and reliable service.
• Expert Craftsmanship: A legacy of excellence in figure skating equipment repair.
• Satisfaction Assurance: Commitment to your absolute satisfaction with our services.

Each Repair is custom to your skate condition and skill of repair needed. Visit us in-store with your figure skate repair near me for a quote.