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Jerrys Blade Buddies Unicorn Skate Blade Guards
Jerrys Blade Drop Earrings Silver
Jerrys Blade Keychain and Zipper Pull
Jerrys Blade Pin Gold or Silver
Jerrys Blue Kitten Skate Blade Guards
Jerrys Blue Leopard Skate Blade Guards
Jerrys Bracelet Mini Gloves
Jerrys Childrens Mini Gloves
Jerrys Chocolate Chip Cookie Skate Blade Guards
Jerrys Crystal Earrings Clear Blue & Pink
Jerrys Crystal Mini GlovesJerrys Crystal Mini Gloves
Jerrys Crystal Necklace Rose GoldJerrys Crystal Necklace Rose Gold
Jerrys Crystal SK8 Jewellery Necklace
Jerrys Crystal SK8 Jewellery Pin
Jerrys Crystal Skate Earrings Rose Gold
Jerrys Crystal Skate NecklacesJerrys Crystal Skate Necklaces